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Intervention Orders – How can we help?

Domestic violence is an unfortunate reality of life. Many of us across Australia are victims of domestic violence in some form or the other. Fortunately, solicitors Warragul provide legal assistance in all such cases of domestic violence. Specifically, intervention orders are one of the most effective ways in which domestic violence can be legally dealt with.

What are intervention orders?

Intervention orders are court orders which restrain a particular individual from behaving in a manner that would be construed as undesirable towards another entity that has specifically sought protection.

Besides restraining behaviour patterns, intervention orders also aim towards ensuring compliance with the specifics of such orders.

In essence, intervention orders stipulate all actions that may be deemed necessary to ensure absolute protection of the entity that has sought it.

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Do intervention orders come under criminal law?

No, as a matter of fact, intervention orders come under civil law. Therefore, intervention orders should not be construed as criminal charges. At the same time, in case of breach of such intervention orders, criminal penalties could possibly apply.

Also bear in mind the fact that it is the Magistrates Court which usually approves and passes intervention orders. Therefore, even though intervention orders are a matter of civil law as we mentioned above, court hearings on them actually take place in the criminal section within Magistrates Courts.

Past criminal behaviour and antecedents

While passing rulings of intervention orders, courts do take past criminal behaviour and antecedents into consideration. 

An appropriate example would be parents with criminal behaviour in the past; courts might deem children in such scenarios to be under potential threat, whereby intervention orders could possibly be passed against their own parents.

Am I limited to Warragul and its vicinity with regard to legal assistance from you on intervention orders?

Well, while we operate from Warragul, we can assist you with intervention orders to be passed against a defendant who could be based in any part of Australia.

Are intervention orders limited to cases of domestic abuse alone?

No, that is not the case. In fact, if you refer to the Intervention Orders (Prevention of Abuse) Act of 2009, it applies in equal measure to both domestic as well as non-domestic situations.

An appropriate example would be any kind of threat that you may be facing at your workplace from a particular entity; intervention orders can suitably be approved and passed against that individual or set of individuals posing a threat.

Vast experience with intervention orders

Gippsland Lawyers can proudly confirm the fact that it has vast experience in providing legal assistance on matters related to intervention orders.

This includes advocates at the firm who specialise in domestic abuse cases; they can suitably provide you with all the help you can possibly need to ensure the suitable passage of intervention orders against individuals posing a threat.

Accordingly, please feel free to contact Gippsland Lawyers directly to discuss your case pertaining to intervention orders; the peace of mind that you are so eagerly seeking is just a phone call or email away!

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