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In Australia, criminal law is governed and administered by both federal regulations at a national level, as well as local stipulations at a state level.

Here at Gippsland Lawyers, from our base here in Warragul, we are no exception to that fact, with proceedings on criminal cases going as per federal and local, Victorian state laws (as applicable on a case by case basis).


What stands out in the case of Gippsland Lawyers is the prolific amount of experience that we have had in handling a plethora of criminal cases.

After all, if you look at criminal law as a whole, it has a multitude of dimensions. As technology and society continue to progress, newer forms of crime are coming to the fore.

For us, every case serves as a precedent to learn and imbibe from. Accordingly, we only get better with every criminal case that we handle.

Specialist Attorneys

An important reason for which we are able to adeptly handle a variety of criminal cases is the fact that we have specialist attorneys who have exclusively handled criminal cases throughout their professional careers. An apt example would be our lawyers on board, dealing with criminal cases related to Intervention Orders.

Even before cases go to trial, these specialists have a good idea of the way things would actually go. Now, based on their pre-emptive judgement, facts of the case and its presentation can be worked out so that things almost certainly work out in favour of clients.

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Reasonable Fees

One thing which remains consistently true about criminal cases in particular and Gippsland Lawyers as a whole, is the reasonable fees that are charged from clients. As a result, clients never feel short-changed; all the more so since their gut feeling frequently tells them that they will end up on the winning side of the argument.

Getting into the depths of every case

Now, why is it that Gippsland Lawyers has such a high success rate when it comes to criminal law cases?

Of course, aspects such as vast experience and specialist attorneys, as mentioned above, play a critical part.

At the same time, it is really the unflinching quest to get into the depths of every case that turns out to be the biggest factor in our favour.

Ultimately, with all the homework done, when the time comes for actual courtroom proceedings, things often end up being nothing short of a cakewalk for Gippsland Lawyers’ attorneys.

Reach out to us for help on your criminal cases

If you are in or around Warragul, or anywhere in the vicinity of Melbourne for that matter, feel free to reach out to us for help on your criminal cases.

Remember that some of these cases can be rather complex and long winding; delays in appropriate actions can lead to detrimental consequences.

You surely do not want that. So contact us without any further ado any time you find yourself in a situation where you need legal help on a criminal case.

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