Family Lawyers

Family Lawyers

Family Lawyers Warragul – How we can help you? Family lawyers play a vital role in ensuring that the best interests of families are met at all times. In this regard, it has to be said that things are not

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Proficient Solicitors Warragul who consistently Deliver Gippsland as a whole and Warragul in particular had constantly been on the lookout for expert solicitors. The emergence of Gippsland Lawyers as a proficient legal firm has proven to be nothing short of

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Will & Estates

Wills & Estate Services

Will & Estates Services provided professionally A harsh reality of life is that we are all mortal; the very moment we are born, it is destined that one day we are going to die. In the midst of this reality,

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Family Lawyers Warragul

Welcome to the law offices of family lawyers Gippsland in Warragul!

From our base in Warragul, we have been proudly serving the entire Gippsland region, including the town of Drouin and extending all the way up to the Shire of Baw Baw.


The genesis of family lawyers Gippsland lies in the lack of a prominent and high-quality law firm that catered to the local population, in and around Warragul.

Before we set ourselves up, prospective clients would have to seek out law firms in Melbourne CBD. Besides the effort of making it there, it would invariably prove to be a costly proposition for most folks.

Against this backdrop, we decided to firmly entrench ourselves in the local community, with a commitment to proudly serve Warragul folks with integrity.


Uprightness – or integrity as mentioned above, has been the forefront of our setup from the outset.

We are clearly not here for short term gains; rather, we are here for the long haul, wherein Warragul folks entrust us without hesitation on all their family law requirements.

This, in turn, involves professional demeanour throughout our operations, be it honest billing, keenness to close cases as soon as possible instead of dragging them on for added legal fees, and having on board some of the finest lawyers, not just in Warragul but indeed all of Victoria, and possibly entire Australia!

It also involves being transparent about fees being sought from clients as well as keeping those fees reasonable from the very outset. After all, that way, more folks can avail legal services when they need them, instead of avoiding them – that too simply because they cannot afford to do so!

To a large extent, we look at the right to justice as a fundamental one, anyway assured by our great country; at family lawyers Warragul, we are basically mere enablers of that.

We look at the right to justice as a fundamental one, assured by our great country. At Family Lawyers Warragul, we are mere enablers of that.

Wide Range of Family Law Services

At family lawyers Warragul, we offer pretty much the entire gamut of family law services. So if you are looking for legal assistance on aspects such as:

You can easily get in touch with us.

Qualified and competent attorneys

The attorneys we have on board are clearly among the finest you will find, just about anywhere. Besides formal qualifications – that have granted them the ability to take on these positions in the first place – it is really the experience which they have gained over the years, that has allowed them to consistently deliver so well on cases that they handle.

After all, at the end of the day, we look at each case as a learning experience, both for our attorneys, as well as for the firm as a whole. Thus, with increasing number of family law cases coming our way, the overall prowess of Family Lawyers Gippsland has risen tremendously.

Criminal Law

Most family law matters come under the gambit of civil law. At the same time, there is certainly some degree of overlap between the two, wherein family law firms like ours also end up dealing with criminal law.

An example would be property fraud in the context of property disputes; or perhaps a criminal act committed by one of the parties involved in a divorce / child custody battle.

The point to note over here is that the distinction between criminal and civil cases is not as clear as is often made out to be; they can very well overlap or go hand in hand.

A key takeaway here would be the need for civil law attorneys and law firms like ours to be well aware of criminal law nuances too. After all, a legal requirement in this context can arise at just about any time; being well prepared is vital.

Domestic Violence – and Intervention Orders

Often, there is a superficial assumption that somehow, here in Australia, we don’t really have domestic violence cases. Well, such a belief really could not be further from the truth!

A number of factors – including the Coronavirus pandemic which has raged along incessantly through much of 2020, have played a part in driving up domestic violence cases.

Now, while in a free and fair country like Australia, you have absolutely no reason to feel bogged down or helpless if you unfortunately happen to be a victim of domestic violence.

Instead, we strongly recommend that you seek legal help from the likes of us so that we can provide you the assistance that you need that too in the shortest possible timeframe.

A vital form of assistance available to you is that of Intervention Orders. These are court orders that prevent an opposing party which is subjecting you to the said domestic violence, from causing any further harm. Any attempt made by that party to continue with their inappropriate behaviour will have major legal consequences for them without exception – even if it’s the spouse in question (invariably the perpetrator in most domestic violence cases).

Will & Estates

Property disputes arise out of a number of different situations. For instance, there are estate wills which end up being contested; there are still other cases where there is simply no formal will in the first place, making succession planning that much of a challenge.

It is under these circumstances that we especially focus on cases related to Will & Estates, with a major team at the firm only handling cases in this realm.

If you have any legal requirements along these lines, you can comfortably reach out to us.

Contact Us

At Family Lawyers Gippsland, you have options galore for reaching out to us.
Whether over the phone, email, or in person (with prior appointment), you can easily get in touch with us to discuss the requirements of your case.

One thing – as we have already asserted towards the beginning of this page, is our uprightness, which undoubtedly includes our respect for your privacy. Thus, any details of your personal, professional, or any other aspect of your life that you share, will unflinchingly remain with us under all circumstances.